Research Database

NEA-JC Publication Committee is collecting members’ research abstracts. This page gives the summary of research abstracts collected so far.

2013 April: Research Digest published in April 2013 can be found here [pdf file].

2012 April: Research Digest published in April 2012 can be found here [pdf file].

2010 April: Research Digest published in April 2010 can be found here [pdf file].

2009 April: Research Digest published in April 2009 can be found here [pdf file].

2008 April: List of research abstracts uploaded in 2008 April. For detail information about each member’s research, click the name.

S.No. Name Qualification Current Affiliation Research Interest
1 Aman Shakya Ph.D. student National Institute of Informatics Social web, Web 2.0, Semantic web and Information sharing
2 Badri Bhakta Shrestha Ph.D. student Kyoto University Numerical modelling and study of natural disasters; Debris flow and sediment disasters, check dams; Floods, landslide hazards mapping and their countermeasures.
3 Bidur Ghimire Ph.D. student Kyoto University Numerical Modelling of Multiphase Flow; Flow Forecasting and Simulation and Water Disaster Management
4 Bijay Giri Ph.D. student Hokkaido University Residual Strain Measurement in Bone Tissue by X-ray Diffraction Imaging; Bone mechanics; X-ray diffraction, etc.
5 Binaya Kumar Mishra Ph.D. student Kyoto University Development of Regional Flood Frequency Relationships for Nepalese River Basins
6 Bishnu Prasad Gautam M.E. (Civil) The University of Tokyo Statistical and Stochastic Hydrology, Distributed Modelling, Application of Remote sensing and GIS
7 Deependra Kumar Jha Ph.D. student Hiroshima University Perfomance Evaluation of Electricity Supply Industries, Forecasting Techniques, Stochastic DP based Reservior Operation Poilcy for Hydor-electric Plants, Computational Methods in Power System planning, etc.
8 Kaushal Raj Sharma Ph.D. Ritsumeikan University Sediment Flow, Sediment and Water Induced Hazard
9 Krishna Prasad Dulal M.E. (Civil) Hokkaido University River meandering, Hydrolic construction
10 Netra Prakash Bhandary Ph.D. (Geotechnical) Ehime University Geotechnical aspects of landslides and slope failures
11 Ripendra Awal Ph.D. student Kyoto University Water resources, Natural hazards (landslide, debris flow, flood), GIS, RS, Application of neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic, etc.
12 Surendra Bahadur Tamrakar Ph.D. (Geotechnical) Hokkaido University Slope stability analysis, Excavation/Trench, Centrifuge, Tensile strength, Suction, FE analysis of embankment and excavation, Dispersion coefficient for the flow of contaminants through soil layers.
13 Ved Prasad Kafle Ph.D. (Informatics) NICT Communication Networks, Future Internet, New Generation Networks Architecture, Mobile and Sensor Networks
14 Tata Nidhi Lohani Dr. Engg. (Geotechnical) Geo-Research Institute Geosynthetics and geoenvironmental aspects; Study of laboratory stress-strain responses of grannular soils with/without cement mixing,
DEM modeling