Corporate governance practices in South Asia

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Article ID: 201909
Title: Corporate governance practices in South Asia
Author: Bishwa Kandel, Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

The research about the family business can be found to some extent in the many developed countries. Specially, such type of research has been performed in countries like Japan, Korea and Germany. But, the researches on the South Asia family business are very few in number. South Asian family business can’t be generalized as simply the family business. And the corporate governance of Indian family business can’t be described so easily. Because, although the South Asian family businesses are controlled by same family or race, the subsidiaries are being listed in various stock exchange companies. And various national and international investors are investing in their subsidiaries. Furthermore, the South Asian family business differs from Korean family business from the view point of board structure as well as investment pattern of subsidiaries. The management and ownership in the Indian big business houses is not being differentiated yet. So, the control by founder’s family member is still being continued in the management. The lack of accountability on small shareholders, lack of transparency are the basic problems related to corporate governance in Indian big business houses.

Profile of the presenting author:
Dr. Bishwa Raj Kandel is a Professor of Global Governance at Nagoya University of Foreign studies. After completing doctoral programs, he joined Management and Economics Department of Kaetsu University as a lecturer in April 2014. He joined Nagoya University of Foreign studies from April 2019.

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