Executive Committee

The Sixth Executive Committee Of NEAJ

(2022.4 – till now)

The Fifth Executive Committee of NEAJ

(2021.4 – 2022.3)

Former executive committees of NEAJ

The Fourth Executive Committee of NEAJ

(2019.8- 2021.3)

The Third Executive Committee of NEAJ

(2017.8- 2019.8)

1. President: Er. Dr. Achyut Sapkota, National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu
2. Vice President: Er. Abilash Pokhrel, Oriental Consultants Global Co. Ltd.
3. General Secretary: Er. Satish Bhagat, Tokyo Institute of Technology
4. Treasurer: Er. Subash Ghimire, Saitama University
5. Member: Er. Sanjeema Bajracharya, Tokyo Institute of Technology
6. Member: Er. Shital Babu Acharya, Tokyo Institute of Technology
7. Member: Er. Hari Pahari, Fuji Furikawa Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd.

The Second Executive Committee of NEAJ

(2015.3- 2017.7)

1. President: Er. Dr. Jhabindra Prasad Ghimire, Commonwealth Engineers Co. Ltd.
2. Vice President: Er. Rishi Ram Parajuli, Kyoto University
3. General Secretary: Er. Bibas Guragai, University of Tokyo
4. Treasurer: Er. Rocky Talchabhadel, Kyoto University
5. Member: Er. Pradip Adhikari, University of Tokyo
6. Member: Er. Jenisha Singh, Tokyo Institute of Technology
7. Member: Er. Naba Raj Shrestha, Commonwealth Engineers Co. Ltd.

Message from President Dr. Jhabindra Prasad Ghimire

Dear Nepalese Engineer Colleagues and Guests It is my pleasure to welcome you in the homepage of Nepalese Engineers Association, Japan (NEAJ) on behalf of the second executive committee. The NEAJ is an organization of Nepalese engineers residing in Japan. Its main aim is to facilitate mutual cooperation and support for the professional welfare and development among Nepalese engineers, and effectively contribute for the development of our home country Nepal. We have already formed sub-committees to effectively carry out several activities.

In April 25, 2015, we had a great earthquake disaster in Nepal. We lost thousands of people and we had unimaginable amount of economic loss. Still, we are far away from returning to normalcy. Nepalese people have demonstrated the example of civilized society by showing their patience in this difficult time. The role of engineers has increased ever than before after this earthquake disaster. We as an engineering community living in Japan could contribute for the infrastructure development of the country. I think NEAJ could play an important role in this mission.
We sincerely expect the active participation of NEAJ colleagues in our activities. Also, we expect valuable suggestions from our guests.

Thank you very much.

With Best Regards,

Dr. Jhabindra Prasad Ghimire

President, NEAJ

The First Executive Committee of NEAJ

(2014.8- 2015.3)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Er. Dr. Badri Bhakta Shrestha 5928 Public Work Research Institute
Vice President Er. Dr. Priza Kayestha 10833 Tokyo Institute of Technology
Secretary Er. Pawan Kumar Bhattarai 5793 Kyoto University
Treasurer Er. Rocky Talchabhadel

Er. Khagendra Belbase (till 2015.01.18)



Kyoto University

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Member Er. Amit Regmi 10187 E &T Japan Co. Ltd
Member Er. Anu Aryal 14644 Chiba University
Member Er. Sapana Poudel 12961 The University of Tokyo

Former executive committees of NEA-JC

1. The Eighth Executive Committee, NEA-JC (2013.5-2014.7)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Er. Dr. Achyut Sapkota 6567 Chiba University
Vice President Er. Dr. Ugendra Regmi (till2013.10)
Er. Dr. Badri Bhakta Shrestha


Chubu University

Public Work Research Institute

Secretary Er. Kamal Kumar Adhikari 13260 Saitama University
Treasurer Er. Abilash Pokhrel 12787 Tokyo University
Member Er. Narayan Marasini 7641 Ehime University
Member Er.Khagendra Belbase 11648 Tokyo Institute of Technology
Member Er. Pawan Kumar Bhattarai 5793 Kyoto University

2. The Seventh Executive Committee, NEA-JC (2012.5-2013.4)

Er. Dr. Netra Prakash Bhandary
(NEA ID: 2120)
Ehime University
Vice President
Er. Dr. Madhu Sudan Kayastha
(NEA ID: 7482)
Chubu University
Er. Dhruba Panthi
(NEA ID: 8876)
The University of Tokyo
Er. Ram Pd. Dhungana
(NEA ID: 9187)
KB Software Corporation
Er. Justin Shrestha
(NEA ID:  10375)
Hokkaido University
Er. Satya Narayan Sharma
(NEA ID: 9164)
Saitama University
Er. Hari Bdr. Pahari
(NEA ID: 10596 )
Fuji Furukawa E&C Co. Ltd

Message from President Er. Dr. Netra Prakash Bhandary

Fellow Engineers:

First and foremost, I on behalf of the whole engineers community in Japan heartily welcome you to this website.

Just in about eight years and with a little more than 40 members in the beginning and about 70 members at present, the Japan Center of Nepal Engineers’ Association (abbreviated as NEA-JC) has successfully established its name and has emerged as one of the prominent Nepalese professional organizations in Japan. I have no hesitations to tell you that this center of Nepal Engineers’ Association is represented by some of the talented and brilliant engineers who have spent many years in research and professional work within and outside Japan.

Nepal Engineers’ Association, as such, has a current membership strength of more than 13,000, which consists of all disciplines of engineering in Nepal including Architecture and Agricultural Engineering. Although the number is seemingly high of civil engineers, this organization has been a common forum of all Nepalese engineers for the past 50 years, and this very year marks the Golden Jubilee celebration of NEA establishment. We, the 7thExecutive Committee officials will have this great and rare opportunity to facilitate the celebration of one of the most glorious moments of NEA here in Japan.

Establishment of Nepal Engineers’ Association as well as its Centers abroad including Japan Center must have a common goal to serve the humankind through engineering knowledge and practice. At the same time, we should not only be concerned of the welfare of engineers but also have an honest will to developing a prosperous human society through the knowledge we gain. In this sense, our first aim should always be there to build a prosperous nation, which needs to be accomplished through enormous strength of 25,000 plus Nepalese engineers on Earth. It is high time that we must re-explore why we as engineers have not been able to build a developed Nepal in the past 50 years. I hope the current Executive Committee led by me will put some of its efforts in exploring this issue and addressing them through the capacity we have.

Finally, NEA-JC is not only a forum of engineers in Japan but it has also time and again attempted to include/invite non-engineer friends in/to most of its programs and events. Although, the association rules and regulations restrict non-engineer colleagues from obtaining its membership, NEA-JC in principle does not restrict our non-engineer colleagues in Japan from participating in any of its regular programs. Through this message, I would also like to invite all our Nepalese friends in Japan to come to our programs and learn some engineering issues of the world as well as motherland Nepal.

Thank you.

Netra Prakash Bhandary

President (7thExecutive Committee)

Japan Center of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA-JC)

1 May 2012

3. Sixth Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2011- 2012)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Er. Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey 6490 University of Yamanashi
Vice President Er. Dr. Maheswor Shrestha 6462 The University of Tokyo
Secretary Er. Dr. Madhu Sudan Kayastha 7482 Chubu University
Treasurer Er. Priza Kayestha 10833 Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Member Er. Shaphal Subedi 6815 Saitama University
Member Er. Dr. Kshitiz Charan Shrestha 7655 Kyoto University
Member Er. Deepak Raj Bhat 9239 Ehime University

Message from President Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey!

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website of Nepal Engineers’ Association-Japan Center (NEA-JC) on behalf of the sixth executive committee. The NEA-JC, a professional organization of Nepalese engineers living in Japan, provides a platform for Nepalese engineers or non-engineers to develop their professionalism by organizing seminars/workshops, publishing newsletters and research digests among others. The sixth executive committee will be putting its maximum efforts to that end by optimizing available resources. I would kindly request all the members and well-wishers to support us by actively participating in all the NEA-JC programs and providing advices and constructive criticisms.

The NEA-JC programs are open to all Nepalese living in Japan irrespective of their affiliation or profession. Please do check this website frequently to know about a new program. You are welcomed to the NEA-JC programs either as a presenter or as an ordinary participant.

We look forward to get your full cooperation to make NEA-JC an active and effective professional organization.

Thank you!

Vishnu Prasad Pandey

4. Fifth Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2010- 2011)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Er. Dr. Hari Ram Parajuli 4666 Ritsumeikan University
Vice President Er. Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari 4850 AIST
Secretary Er. Shanker Dhakal 7735 Ehime University
Treasurer Er. Tilak Pokharel 9397 The University of Tokyo
Member Er. Maheswor Shrestha 6462 The University of Tokyo
Member Er. Ugendra Regmi 6218 Chubu University
Member Er. Huma Kanta Mishra 4377 Kyoto University

Message from President Dr. Hari Ram Parajuli

Dear Colleagues

I am very happy to welcome you to this professional organization on-behalf of fifth executive committee. After hard effort made by dedicated seniors and continuous support of all young and dynamic engineers, NEA-JC was established and has come to this stage. We will continue all the activities that have been doing by previous committees and explore new possibilities. I assure you that executive committee will put the best effort. The executive committee also expects active participation and support from all members and well-wisher to take NEA-JC to a newer height.

Nepal is in the verge of social and political transformation. Another point which is very important but seems less prioritized is economical transformation which can only be achieved from accelerated development. Engineers are the key elements of development process. I believe that engineers and its organization –NEA and centers, can contribute towards economical transformation through industrial linkage, academic research and professional development maintaining the harmony, coordination and understanding among members. The knowledge and experience gained by Nepali engineers while working or studying in Japan would definitely benefit the country.

I always expect and welcome constructive comments and suggestions.

Thank you very much.

Hari Ram Parajuli

5. Fourth Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2009- 2010)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Ved Prasad Kafle 7481 NICT
Vice President Roshan Bhakta Bhandari 5414 Kyoto University
Secretary Bhoj Raj Pantha 5934 KEI
Treasurer Vishnu Prasad Pandey 6490 Yamanashi University
Member Ram Prasad Dhungana 9187 Kyushu University
Member Laxmi Prasad Suwal 8841 The University of Tokyo
Member Ram Krishna Regmi 5469 Kyoto University

Message from President Er. Dr. Ved Prasad Kafle:

Welcome to the NEA-JC website!

Nepal Engineers’ Association – Japan Chapter (NEA-JC) is a professional organization of Nepalese engineers living in Japan. NEA-JC has been helping its members to develop their professionalism and consequently contribute to the development of Nepal. For this purpose, it has been frequently organizing workshop or symposium programs, where the members gather together to share their research and professional experiences.

The NEA-JC programs are open to all Nepalese engineers or non-engineers living in Japan, irrespective of their affiliation or profession. Please do check this website frequently to know about a new program. NEA-JC welcomes you to the program if you wish to present your paper or participate just as audience.

NEA-JC has also been collecting research papers from the members and publishing them in the form of research digest every year. All the workshop proceedings and research database are available in this website.

NEA-JC provides help to Nepalese engineers living in Japan, who have not got NEA membership yet, to apply for the NEA membership. It collects the application forms for new membership as well as for renewal of the existing membership, forwards the applications to the NEA Head Office in Nepal, and distributes the membership cards to the applicants after receiving them from the Head Office. Therefore, if you are a Nepalese engineer living in Japan and willing to be an NEA member, please contact the membership management committee (contact information is available in this webpage).

The current executive committee is endeavoring to make NEA-JC an active and effective professional organization. It is expecting constructive supports from its members and well-wishers. It will be happy to receive your suggestions. The contact email list is available above.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting this website.

Ved Prasad Kafle

6. Third Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2008- 2009)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Basanta Kumar Gautam 3745 Private Limited STEM
Vice President Ved Prasad Kafle 7481 NICT
Secretary Netra Prasad Gyawali 7612 Kyoto University
Treasurer Madhu Sudan Kayastha 7482 Chubu University
Member Akhilesh Kumar Karna 2712 Nippon Koei
Member Bhoj Raj Pantha 5934 Ehime University
Member Roshan Bhakta Bhandari 5414 Kyoto University

Message from President Er. Dr. Basanta Kumar Gautam:

Dear Nepalese Engineer colleagues and guests, it is my pleasure to welcome you in the homepage of Nepal Engineers’ Association-Japan Chapter (NEA-JC).

I want to thank you all for giving us this opportunity to serve you.

NEA-JC was established five years ago. I want to thank the ad hoc committee and all the engineer friends involved in its establishment. Their hard work and dedication is really praiseworthy.

Two executive committees of NEA-JC have already completed their tenure successfully. During the tenure of these two committees, NEA-JC strengthened its presence among Nepalese engineers in Japan and also accomplished many tasks. We know that we have a hard work ahead to continue the great tradition established by previous committees. We accept this challenge and will do our best to serve the NEA-JC community. We will continue all the past activities and will also try to start new activities.

The third executive committee of NEA-JC has just assumed its office. We are now discussing plans for our tenure. We will move ahead by forming different sub-committees for membership, publication, web page management and event management works. Works on establishing and developing relationships with other organizations will also continue. We are planning to establish relationship with other engineering professional organizations in Japan as well as continuing to work together with some Nepalese organizations.

We expect that all of our respected NEA-JC members will provide us their valuable suggestions and feedbacks and give us chance to improve our works. Suggestions from non NEA-JC member guests are also heartily welcome.

Thank you very much.

Basanta Kumar Gautam

7. Second Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2007- 2008)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Tara Nidhi Lohani 1747 GeoResearch Institute, Kobe
Vice President Basant Kumar Gautam 3745 Chubu University
Secretary Bijay Giri 5498 Hokkaido University
Treasurer Sanat Wagle 6560 Saitama University.
Member Deependra Kumar Jha 6927 Hiroshima University
Member Surendra Bahadur Tamrakar 3287 Hokkaido University
Member Badri Bhakta Shrestha 5928 Kyoto University

Message from President Er. Dr. Taranidhi Lohani:

Welcome to Nepalese Engineer Colleagues and Guests to NEA-JC Homepage.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of Nepal Engineers’ Association-Japan Chapter (NEA-JC), the 2nd international Chapter of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA). This Chapter was realized 4 years back with the dedicated efforts of many colleagues. I like to convey heartfelt thanks to all these great fellows, at first. I wish that NEA-JC will maintain the original spirit and keep on becoming an important bridge between the Nepalese engineering community residing in Japan and at Home.

NEA-JC is established in one of the most advanced countries of the world and our members have the privilege of observing technological excellence with their own eyes. Combining experience and expertise, there is a big scope for our colleagues to play a vital role in the nation development. I hope that NEA-JC will be an ideal platform to work together and transfer suitable technology and resources back home.

Developing professionalism and promoting friendly relations among Nepalese engineers in Japan besides providing an easy access to the news and programs of NEA Head Office to its members are the prime objective of this Chapter. I assure you that current executive committee will be putting its maximum efforts in achieving NEA-JC objectives. Currently, we are moving ahead by forming different subcommittees; Publication Committee, Membership Management Committee, Web Page Management Committee and Event Management Committee. Active participation, suggestions and feedback of all members are very important for the development of this quite young organization. Please keep your messages flowing.

We are also open to hear from our well-wishers outside NEA-JC.

Thank you very much.

Tara Nidhi Lohani

8. First Executive Committee of NEA-JC (2006- 2007)

Position Name NEA ID Affiliation
President Shobhar Dhakal 2330 Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Vice President Bipin Kumar Pathak 2782 Yamanashi University
Secretary Gyanendra Regmi 5216 Yamanashi University
Treasurer Basanta Kumar Gautam 3745 Chubu University
Member Surya Raj Acharya 1392 Institute for Transport Policy
Member Tara Nidhi Lohani 1747 Kobe University
Member Bijay Giri 5498 Hokkaido University

Message from President Er. Dr. Shobakar Dhakal:

NEA is a premier professional organization of Nepali engineers with long history. With the extension of NEA in Japan, we are hoping that both Nepali engineers residing in Japan as well as NEA as a whole will benefit greatly. Japan is a world renowned place for engineering marvel. Nepali engineers working or studying in this technological excellence can play important role in uplifting the engineering profession in Nepal by joining hands with NEA. NEA-JC would facilitate this process acting as a bridge as well as bringing Nepali engineering community together in Japan.

We welcome your suggestions and comments to develop NEA-JC further as it is newly established and young at this moment. I assure you that the Executive Committee will put its best efforts.

Thank you very much.

Shobhakar Dhakal