The potential and challenges for IT enterprises in Nepal  from business perspective

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Title: The potential and challenges for IT enterprises in Nepal  from business perspective
Author: Sahaj Shrestha, Chief Operating Officer, HARDIC Associates Group

As we all know the ever-growing ICT trend is gaining massive influence globally especially to the developing countries such as Nepal. There is no doubt that technology plays a very important role in the development of the nation. Information technology that once contributed to the economic development is now taking mankind to the whole new level. While in developing nations half of the population is deprived of basic needs, developed nations are trying to send people to mars. While country such as USA, China and Japan are in the race for advance technology such as 5G, developing countries such as Nepal are still lagging behind for even basic technologies.
Nepal needs to catch up, but it isn’t easy as it sounds. Sahaj believes it is never too late and this is the right time to make a change in Nepal. In his speech Sahaj Shrestha who is a young entrepreneur bridging Japan and Nepal will speak about the potential and challenges for IT enterprises in Japan and Nepal touching upon his journey and experiences.

Profile of the presenting author:
Sahaj Shrestha’s professional career is based on strategic business development and marketing professional. He has been working in the Japanese auto industry and living in Japan for more than 10 years. He also lived in India for 10 years where he completed his schooling in prestigious Mayo College India where Princes Shruti studied. In Japan he used to specialize in developing braking systems for future high-performance and luxury vehicles, including Porsche AG, Audi AG, Lamborghini, and Bentley.
Recently he decided to change his career and explore so that he can directly be involved in development of Nepal. As he travels between Nepal and Japan, he is actively involved with bringing international business partnerships and social opportunities. Sahaj Shrestha is also Director for IV-Japan a 30-year-old INGO in Japan. He is highly motivated by his father who is Chairman of Gandhi Ashram a 94-year-old NGO and Former Chairman, and present Director of Prime Commercial Bank in Nepal. After cars and business and social welfare, his next passion is in sports and has played Football, Squash and Muay Thai competitively at national level.

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