Nepalese Engineers Association, Japan (NEAJ) is an organization of Nepalese engineers established to facilitate mutual cooperation and support for the professional welfare and development among Nepalese engineers residing in Japan and to effectively contribute and play the role of Nepalese engineers community for the development of the country.

Formerly, Nepalese engineers residing in Japan established NEA-JC on March 24, 2003 according to Act-13(2) of the Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) constitution (3rd amendment). The general assembly members officially dissolved NEA-JC and established the newly restructured organization “Nepalese Engineers Association, Japan (NEAJ)” through general assembly meeting held from 19 April 2014 to 25 June 2014. The new restructured organization NEAJ was established on 25 June 2014. The first executive committee of NEAJ has formally assumed office of their tenure from August 1, 2014. The main objectives of NEAJ are as follows;

  • To act for the development of professional knowledge and skill through various programs (e.g., get-togethers, intellectual seminars, workshops, interaction and publications)
  • To establish relationship of NEAJ with other related national and international organizations