NEA-JC was established on March 24, 2003 according to Act-13(2) of the Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) constitution (3rd amendment), with the following objectives:
  • To act for the fulfillment of the objectives stated in the NEA constitution
  • To facilitate for the establishment of relation of NEA with other related international organizations
  • To act for the development of professional knowledge and skill through various programs (e.g., get-togethers, intellectual seminars, workshops, interaction and publications)
Event & News:

2014.03.08: Final Program Seventh NEA-JC symposium on Current and Future Technologies(Click here)
2014.03.08: Proceedings of Seventh NEA-JC Symposium on Current and Future Technologies (Click Here)
2013.10.24: Information on a talk program on “Earthquake risk management in Nepal – Achievements and Challenges”(Click here)
2013.07.16: NEA-JC has celebrated Engineers’ Day in Japan (Media Coverage)\
2013.07.08: Information regarding NEA day 2013 (pdf)
2013.05.30: NEA-JC Research Digest 2013 Published (pdf )
2013.05.30: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year6, Issue 2, April 2013)
2013.05.01: Newly Elected Eighth Executive Committee assumed Office

2012.12.07: Call for the sixth symposium on current and future technologies ; NEA-JC Symposium 2012 Program;Report; Photos (Please click here for more details)

2012.08.18: Call for research papers for the NEA-JC Newsletter (Vol. 6, Issue 1)
2012.07.21: Celebration of NEA day 2012: Photos: TOKYO and KYOTO; News; Report: TOKYO and KYOTO (Please click here for more details)

2012.07.17: NEA day 2012: Announcement and Call for Papers; Program outline: TOKYO and KYOTO

2012.05.13:  Er. Hari Pahari represent NEA-JC  in INCJ program on 13 May
2012.05.01:  NEA-JC 7th excom assumed its office
2012.04.26: New NEA-JC 7th excom elected ( News)
2012. 04.23: NEA-JC Election for the Executive Committee
2012.04.19: NEA-JC Research Digest 2012 Published (pdf )
2012.04.19: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 5, Issue 2, April 2012)
2011.11.20:Workshop on “Current and Future Technologies”
2011.05.17: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 5, Issue 1, May 2011)
2011.07.17: Celebration of NEA day 2011 Invitation; Program outline: TOKYO and KYOTO; Photos: TOKYO and KYOTO; News ; Report
2011.05.12: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 4, Issue 2, May 2011)
2010.12.12: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 4, Issue 1, December 2010)
2010.11.21: Workshop on “Current and Future Technologies
2010.7.18: Celebration of NEA day in Kyoto
2010.4.20 – 29: NEA-JC Election for the Executive Committee
2010.4.29: NEA-JC Newsletter and Research Database, April 2010 published.
Click “Newsletters“  and “Research Databases” on your left to read them.
2010.4.30: NEA-JC Constitution (First Revision 2010) has been uploaded.









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