Nepalese engineers residing in Japan officially dissolved NEA-JC and established the newly restructured organization “Nepalese Engineers Association, Japan (NEAJ)” through general assembly meeting held from 19 April 2014 to 25 June 2014. The first executive committee of NEAJ has formally assumed office of their tenure from August 1, 2014. The main objectives of NEAJ are as follows;
  • To act for the development of professional knowledge and skill through various programs (e.g., get-togethers, intellectual seminars, workshops, interaction and publications)
  • To establish relationship of NEAJ with other related national and international organizations
Event & News:

2016.06.15: NEAJ/NESAJ Symposium: Program Details

2016.05.10:  NEAJ/NESAJ Symposium CALL FOR PAPER

2015.02.08: Proceedings of 8th NEAJ Symposium on Current and Future Technologies (Click Here)

2015.01.22: Final Program of Eighth NEAJ Symposium on Current and Future Technologies (Click Here)

2015.01.15: NEAJ Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1 (Click Here)

2014.11.29: Call for paper for “Eighth NEAJ Symposium on Current and Future Technologies”Extended!  Deadline is January 5, 2015 (For more detail click here)

2014.11.21: Call for Research grant to assist the Masters level thesis: Extended!  Deadline is January 9, 2015 (For Detail Click Here)

2014.03.08: Final Program Seventh NEA-JC symposium on Current and Future Technologies(Click here)

2014.03.08: Proceedings of Seventh NEA-JC Symposium on Current and Future Technologies (Click Here)
2013.10.24: Information on a talk program on “Earthquake risk management in Nepal – Achievements and Challenges”(Click here)
2013.07.16: NEA-JC has celebrated Engineers’ Day in Japan (Media Coverage)\
2013.07.08: Information regarding NEA day 2013 (pdf)
2013.05.30: NEA-JC Research Digest 2013 Published (pdf )
2013.05.30: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year6, Issue 2, April 2013)
2013.05.01: Newly Elected Eighth Executive Committee assumed Office

2012.12.07: Call for the sixth symposium on current and future technologies ; NEA-JC Symposium 2012 Program;Report; Photos (Please click here for more details)

2012.08.18: Call for research papers for the NEA-JC Newsletter (Vol. 6, Issue 1)
2012.07.21: Celebration of NEA day 2012: Photos: TOKYO and KYOTO; News; Report: TOKYO and KYOTO (Please click here for more details)

2012.07.17: NEA day 2012: Announcement and Call for Papers; Program outline: TOKYO and KYOTO

2012.05.13:  Er. Hari Pahari represent NEA-JC  in INCJ program on 13 May
2012.05.01:  NEA-JC 7th excom assumed its office
2012.04.26: New NEA-JC 7th excom elected ( News)
2012. 04.23: NEA-JC Election for the Executive Committee
2012.04.19: NEA-JC Research Digest 2012 Published (pdf )
2012.04.19: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 5, Issue 2, April 2012)
2011.11.20:Workshop on “Current and Future Technologies”
2011.05.17: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 5, Issue 1, May 2011)
2011.07.17: Celebration of NEA day 2011 Invitation; Program outline: TOKYO and KYOTO; Photos: TOKYO and KYOTO; News ; Report
2011.05.12: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 4, Issue 2, May 2011)
2010.12.12: NEA-JC Newsletter Published (Year 4, Issue 1, December 2010)
2010.11.21: Workshop on “Current and Future Technologies
2010.7.18: Celebration of NEA day in Kyoto
2010.4.20 – 29: NEA-JC Election for the Executive Committee
2010.4.29: NEA-JC Newsletter and Research Database, April 2010 published.
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2010.4.30: NEA-JC Constitution (First Revision 2010) has been uploaded.